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tv   1944 Documentary The Negro Soldier  CSPAN  January 1, 2015 5:35am-6:21am EST

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june 17th
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1775, gun belong to peter salem, a colored man who carrieded it conquered and with it shot a major. and on christmas day 1776, when all but the bravest hearts had lost hope, prince whipple took his place alongside those who pushed on. in the winter of '78 at valley forge, george washington wrote our soldiers have been a week without food. they are naked and starving. we cannot enough admire their unshakable patience and loyalty. here's samuel payne. thousands of others left their beating footprints in the snow. in this war the people of the new world won their independence. they joined hands and 13 colonies became the united
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states. then the new republic began to build. together they make territories into states. by 1812 a wilderness was becoming a great nation. then came war. at lake erie tyler thompson heard the admiral's words. we have met the enemy, and they are ours. and in new orleans, when general jackson said they shall not sleep on our soil thomas wilson was there. america began to feel a shift. then came 1861. the government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from this earth.
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with malice towards none with charity for all. then america began to rebuild. ♪ ♪ i've been working on the railroad ♪ hello, boss. hello, frank. >> what's the matter, jim? you're quitting. >> man i'm going to houston. yeah with the the ninth regiment. >> jim fought in the spanish-american war in santiago cuba the 24th and 25th infantry headed for new medal, courage. >> i'm jim. have to be after we cleaned up in cuba, we
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went on with building factories, cities, everything. as for me well, i went to panama. a little job connecting the atlantic and pacific. a little job. ♪ jim wasn't there. but his sons were. serving with the 813th pioneer regiment near marseilles. the 302nd battalion and eighth
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pioneer regiment. fighting with the 8th illinois on the swason front. 372nd on the plains of francois. 331st at busey farm. 369th in the argon. 369th fought on the line of fire for 191 days. not a man ever captured. not a foot of ground ever lost. the first american troops to receive 369th. for action above and beyond the call of duty, many received honored medals. when they cleaned up in france the boys came marching home. ♪ >> among them was henry johnson,
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who was one companion, needham roberts, killed four and captured 48 germans for which the french nation decorated them for exceptional bravery. and there were those among the honored at arlington. samuel washington, walter watters, william fox, john simms, young charles young, colonel, united states army. and to their memory, sermon and stones and bronze. tribute to a grateful nation to commemorate their heroism and sacrifice of all colored soldiers who served in the various wars engaged in by the united states of america. but a lasting record shall be made of their unselfish devotion to duty. and in france at busey farms, the french people erected a memorial to the 371st infantry.
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this stone in the ground on which it stands are dedicated to the negro troops who fought and died here on april 21, 1918. 23 years later o june 15th 1941, an invading german army. yes, the nazis destroyed our monuments in france, but our monuments here stand and will always stand. the founder of tuskegee institute, booker t. washington 1856-1915. he lifted the veil of ignorance from his people and pointed the way to progress through education and industry. the late george washington carver, honored in the chemistry of agriculture and the men and women building the monuments of tomorrow, law, elected judge in new york city courts serving his second ten-year term. explorer the only other
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american with admiral perry when our flag was planted on the north pole. medicine leading new york city surgeon. father of the blues, publisher, contributing to the war bond drive. education. principal of a new york city public school. curator, sham berg, international prize-winning sculptor. singer. nn men and women in every walk of life, all trained and educated in schools likef>[0ñ --
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♪ tuskegee all around the light opus will shine tonight ♪ ♪ when the sun goes down and the moon comes up ♪ ♪ we will shine ♪ ♪ our boys will shine ♪ >> the olympic games have begun. the best nations are represented here today. the six fasters sprinters in the world are getting ready. owens, america. metcalf, america. owens is ahead. metcalf comes up but owens wins at 10.3. victorious, america.
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second, holland. ♪ null null. >> germany. japan. and he is out, too. 2.03 his high, 6'8". ben johnson of america. first johnson, america, new olympic record of 6'8", a new olympic record.
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>> the tree of liberty has borne these fruits. it's a mighty tree with roots deep in the ground of america. its fame has spread to the four corners of the earth. men of every faith color and tongue have helped to nourish it and sow its seed in new ground. all men stand in admiration of it, except -- the nazis the fashionist and the japanese militaryists. there is not a man alive who does not know of the crimes of these adventures. in europe -- ♪ >> by order of the german army
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high command thousands of men, women and children have been shot and hanged. in asia the ♪ there are those who will tell you that japan is the savior of the colored races. on december 7, 1941 -- gunshots ]
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♪ >> the people of the world have risen in one great mass to bring to justice the ring leaders responsible for these crimes. and america's army and every branch of the service, artillery, tank, quartermaster engineer -- >> don't forget the infantry. >> yes? >> my boy's in the infantry. he's up there. third from the left on the bottom row. i got a letter from him last night. he's an officer.
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>> robert, de get to be an officer? >> yes. he said so right here. dear momma, at last it's happened. i'm an officer. lieutenant robert bronson infantry. don't it sound good? of course, i haven't got my bars yet, but i'm on my way to officer's candidate school for four months, and if i pass the examination and graduate and get my commission, i'll be an officer. now, i can do it, momma. if i could go through those first 13 weeks the way i did, i can go through anything. that morning at the railroad depot, i didn't know which side was up but misery sure loves company. when i said good-bye to you, i was laughing, but i wasn't tickled.
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and the first thing i heard when i stopped, at some place in the middle of no place -- ♪ >> all right, men, on behalf of the united states army, the reception center here at this camp, we're glad to welcome you here today and into the united states army. we're glad to see all of your happy, smiling faces. fellows, during the first new days you'll be with us here at this camp, you'll be converted from a civilian into a full-fledged soldier. you'll be interviewed by someone who will inquire into your past life before you came into the army. >> machinist on construction of gun and gun pocks. >> that's right. >> what machines did you operate? >> i operated boring mills tool
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grinders, tool pressers, planes and -- >> fall in! >> forward. hut, hut hut. pick it up, pick it up! >> company halt. >> fall out. >> i don't want to give you the impression it's only for religious services and advice that you can come to the chaplain. you can come to him at any time. for example, if you g pl in trouble with your girlfriend and she doesn't write you anymore, you want to know how to propose, why, just come see the chaplain and he'll give you some advice. or if if you get in trouble with your first sergeant, you want to know how to handle him, just come around and see the chaplain and he'll give you some advice. or if you're financially embarrassed, that's simple, too. just come around and see the chaplain and he'll give you some advice. >> our chaplain has just told you how to get along in this man's army. it's my painful duty to tell you what will happen to you if you don't get along. regarding the salute men.
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it isn't a form of civility. it's merely a form of recognition used between members of the military service. the average man when he first learns the salute is awkward. it's a strange gesture to him and he feels shy. he usually sneaks his hand up in this manner and gives a broken-handed salute or lowers his eyes gently and salutes like that. when you salute an officer bring your hand up to your forehead in a manly manner. make sure your thumb is alongside your hand because if it's out here they may misconstrue it. then cut the hand to the side. don't let it drop down like a dead fish. >> about face. >> sit down. tut your feet in the machine. 10 1/2. put your foot in here. stand up now.
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pick up both weights. put the weights back. sit down. step down put your shoes on and go in the next room. next. >> fall in! >> men put every piece of civilian clothing you have into that bag. now, when you're completely stripped and have everything in that bag, put on a set of summer underwear, a pair of shorts, a pair of white woollen socks. try on your green herringbone brim hat. if it fits, place it in your barracks bag. don't mind if it's a little loose. >> but i made it. we all made it. they put us through so many twists and turns. we didn't know whether we were coming or going. but uncle sam did. we were going. we put us on the train that same afternoon for the replacement center.
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he can kept passing troop trains going back and forth all over the country. we finally arrived at a place called military secrets. but this much i can tell you, it was cold. and even before we had a chance to thaw out, they had us in the school of the soldier. the sergeant gave it to us straight. >> you sleep in that bed, you'll make it. you wear them clothes, you'll wash it. you walk on that floor, you'll clean it. there's no service here. you understand that? >> and i bet right now, momma, i can make a bed better than you can. but before i have a chance to get the bed warm there i was, in the beginning the new hands were all feet. >> right face. forward, hut. to the left, hut. left mraing forward. right plank, forward. left forward.
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left forward. hup hup hup. left forward. left mraing forward. right plank forward. left forward. left forward. left forward. hut, hup hut hup. >> then came the cross-country marching. >> halt. take a ten-minute break. >> fall out. >> it was tough. hiking drilling tent pitching general orders, the tougher the day, the shorter the night. but you get used to it. and if you can't take it they've got doctors. some of the best in the country. specialists in every field. and in our dental clinic, we have a -- but even sew, this is one kind of drilling no soldier likes. but after all the making beds
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and peeling potatoes and drilling and marching they give you a rifele and teach you to shoot it. in no time at all, i could hit the broadside of a barn. it was fun. it's not all work. there's football baseball boxing and oh yes, ping pong. if you want to read, there's a library. can you imagination me listening to poetry? but it came in good. the very next day i got a chance to use it. we were sent on a detail to a nearby camp. i saw some soldiers that was beautiful to behold. >> hut. forward hut. hut two three, four. hut, two, three, four. hut, hut. hut, two, tree, four.
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left face. >> and you'd better tell uncle everett to quit joking about the wics because these girls have gotten to know trucks better than he'll ever know. the next day was saturday night. ♪ >> shupz have you news accidents are of are are of. she was very nice. a real apple girl. just the right size. just the kind you like. but in the army, man proposes and g.i. disposes. >> fall out! >> and the next morning i was out there like the rest of them. getting tough.
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in this man's army, they want you to be tough. tough, and i mean tough. a toughened army means a good fighter who can strong up to an enemy and beat him to the draw. and after a hard week, a soldier welcomes a sunday. ♪ holy holy holy ♪ ♪ >> this morning i have a g.i. report. i think you'll all be interested in. this is an official statement from the war department. in the present world war, there are more than five times as many men with high school education in our armed forces than were in world war i. this has meant an increase in officer candidates. official figures tell us in the
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present war, there are three times as many colored officers as in world war i. from a score of different schools, many have earned their commissions and taken their place alongside those who come from any one of the rotc schools and the greatest of all military institutions, west point. >> momma the next time you see me, i'll be wearing an officer's uniform. getting ready to get in there and get this war over with. that's a promise. your loving son, robert. >> thank you, mrs. bronson. that's a promise millions of americans have made, thousands have put it into action. and every camp, men are getting their final workout.
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at tuskegee, more
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